Our professionals possess many years of experience in advisory and a vast network in the business community. We have professionals who are qualified to assist business entities and other organisations to:

Design, implement and manage (automated) integrated information systems that combine financial and non financial data to provide insightful (electronic) reports to assist in managing performance and inform decision making

Design, implement and manage (automated) transaction processing activities, including financial accounting, payroll, purchasing and payments, often carried out in a shared service centre

Design, improve, measure and manage end-to-end business processes and activities, often extending beyond the organisational boundaries, ensuring delivery of optimum efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources

Work as an analyst; consultant; relationship, project and change manager in support of the business; and as a business partner integrated into divisional and operational units and processes throughout the organisation, bringing commercial and strategic insight, innovative thinking and a collaborative approach

Take responsibility for formulating and managing organisational policy, strategy and objectives, producing business plans, forecasts, scorecards, cost/benefit analysis and budgeting information as appropriate

Design and implement excellence in corporate governance, including risk management, internal audit and controls, company secretarial, corporate social responsibility and board and stakeholder reporting

Determine capital structure and acquire and manage funds. Carry out due diligence in mergers, acquisitions, business partnerships and joint ventures.